• Lavinia Vasilache

    Lavinia Vasilache

    I reside in Santa Monica and have been a loyal customer and member of the Co-opportunity Market for 23 years.…

  • Zarina Russell

    Czarina Russell

    I have been a fellow member since 2005 and realized it’s time to do my part by serving on the…

  • Charles Baldridge

    Charles Baldridge

    I have been serving on grocery cooperative boards for almost a decade. Before the Co-Opportunity Board, I was board member…

  • team

    Ujjaini Sahasrabudhe

    Ujjaini remains grateful to her former gardening partner at Ocean View Farms Community Garden for introducing her to the Co-opportunity…

  • team

    Sebastiano Armeli

    Sebastiano has lived in Santa Monica since 2017. He grew up in Italy and lived in Melbourne (Australia) from 2008…

  • team

    Michelle Jacobson

    Michelle Jacobson was first elected to the Board in 1989 and served until 2015. After a three-year hiatus, she was…

  • Farzad Noori

    Farzad Noori

    Farzad Noori has grown up in Santa Monica and is passionate about his community, local businesses, and the future of…

  • team

    Ann Gentry

    Ann Gentry is a visionary leader and pioneer in the plant-based food movement. She created and operated Real Food Daily,…

  • Board member

    John Fischette

    John Fischette has been a member of Co-opportunity and a resident of Santa Monica for over 23 years. He started…