All Departments

  • Produce

    We take pride in offering the highest quality fruits and vegetables in town! Seasonal, organic and local produce is our first priority. We buy from trustworthy farms and suppliers that share our common goal of providing the healthiest choices for all our shoppers.
  • Meat & Seafood

    We hold some of the highest standards of meat & seafood sourcing for Los Angeles, with amazing selections of regenerative & organic meats, poultry and fish from ethical sources.
  • Dairy & Cheese

    You can find an amazing assortment of local, organic, imported and gourmet cheese in our cheese section. We have affordable staples like Monterrey, Jack and Cheddar, or branch out and try one of our many gourmet cheeses like Marin County Pepata (raw sheeps' milk) or France's Saint Andre Triple Cream.
  • Prepared Foods

    Whether you’re picking up a quick sandwich or hot meal, making your own custom-made salad from our delicious, fresh salad bar, or looking to quench your thirst with a refreshing fruit smoothie or made-to-order veggie juice, our deli is sure to impress.
  • Grocery

    Organic and environmentally friendly. Explore our grocery section and you'll find hundreds of natural food products, a large selection of organic foods, raw foods, herbs and spices, environmentally-friendly household items, natural pet products and more.
  • Wine & Beer

    We carry a wide variety of wines for every taste and budget—from every corner of the globe—Italy, France, Australia, Chile, Napa County and many wines from right up the highway in Santa Barbara.
  • Health & Body Care

    Our Health & Body Care department is stocked with a large selection of vitamins, homeopathics, cruelty-free cosmetics and much, much more. We also offer shelves upon shelves of all-natural beauty products—from shampoo to lotion to toothpaste to lip balm.
  • Bulk

    Bulk departments have been the cornerstone of natural food stores from the beginning, and we're sure proud of ours. We're stocked with a huge variety of local, fairly traded, organic, gluten-free, and raw options, and that's just the start.