Owner Extras

Most deals at the Co-op are for all shoppers, but recently we introduced special pricing on select products exclusively for owners.

Fresh Deals

Every other Wednesday, we roll out new deals on organic produce, and deep discounts on select cheeses, meat and seafood, beer and wine and more. See what’s on sale this week!

Co+op Deals

The Co+op Deals flyer is your biweekly savings guide at the Co-op, offering great deals on a wide selection of seasonal, organic, fair trade, environmentally friendly, and high-quality items at competitive prices.

10% Off Bulk Sale

Every first weekend of the month for 3 days beginning on Friday, everyone saves 10% off unlimited bulk purchases, including bulk Wellness items, excluding 25 lb bags of grains and 1 lb bags of Wellness bulk.

Health & Wellness Deals

Big discounts on a variety of nutritional supplements, botanicals, homeopathics, skin care, body care, and more. These deals are open to all shoppers.