How Our Co-op Works

LA County’s Only Cooperative Grocer

We have always been and still are member-owned and operated — for a $200 investment, each member owns an equal share of our Co-op. Members elect the Board of Directors each year to represent their interests and participate in advocacy around our local and national food systems.

Unlike other grocery stores, we send our profits directly back to our members, our stores, our staff, and to the communities we serve.


Our Ends

Authored and approved by the Board of Directors, our Ends Policy is our cooperative’s long-range vision – a broad, multifaceted framework that can be summarized as the ends the Co-op strives to create greater good in the world.


Owners are vitally important to our success with ownership being a key differentiator between us and other types of businesses.

Committed Staff

The heart and soul of our organization, the dedication of our staff is second-to-none and one of the reasons so many people love the Co-op. The friendly greetings, personal touches and thoughtfulness that make the Co-op experience more than “customer service.”

Board of Directors

Board members are members that represent the Co-op’s membership at large.


We are a democratic organization controlled by our members who actively participate in setting our policies. In addition to voting for bylaw changes, we also call on our members to elect new directors to our Board every October.


Some answers to common questions we get at the Co-op.