John Fischette

John Fischette

Board Vice President

John Fischette has been a member of Co-opportunity and a resident of Santa Monica for over 23 years. He started eating only clean organic food as a youth and has always believed in and supported the environmentally friendly, locally grown, organic food co-op business model.

He has over 30 years of leadership and management experience owning, running, and consulting with businesses. His past experience includes years of working for a major supermarket where he held multiple positions and worked in every department. Therefore, he is very familiar with what it a takes for a grocery store to succeed. Additionally, he spent years starting and overseeing retail shops in Los Angeles. In this time, he developed staff and management training programs, launched new income streams and increased sales.

He possesses an MBA, a degree in Psychology and is currently a doctoral candidate. He blends his education and training with his real-world experience to help others implement science-based strategies to improve their personal, professional, and business results.

As a Business Consultant and an Executive Coach, John brings best practices from a variety of industries and people he has worked with. He has helped leaders and businesses better serve their customers, improve their bottom lines and achieve their goals. And now he hopes to do the same for Co-opportunity as an advisor.