November 2, 2020 Cindy Chikahisa

November – December 2020 Round Up at the Register Recipient

We raised $4,373.13 to give Free Organic Produce to our South Central LA Community

Summaeverythang is a South Central Los Angeles-based community center dedicated to the socio-political, economic, intellectual, and artistic empowerment and transcendence of black and brown neighbors.

After witnessing COVID-19’s disproportionate adverse impact on employment and food security in South Central LA, the folks from Summaeverythang began packing and distributing free boxes of organic seasonal produce sourced from local Southern California farms to South Central residents.

Each Wednesday, the Summaeverythang team picks up the produce at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market, and a dedicated team of volunteers shows up the following day to assemble over 600 produces boxes. The box contents change weekly and range from assorted leafy green varieties and fresh herbs to organic berries and eggs.

Summaeverythang’s Food Program has fed over 14,000 families completely free of charge. Founded in 2019 by artist and fantasy architect Lauren Halsey, Summaeverythang Community Center will continue feeding families and supporting intelligence within the community for the foreseeable future.

Due to our communities support for this round up campaign, we raised over $4,300 to bring fresh produce to South Central LA to help alleviate the food insecurity caused by food apartheid and financial strain from the pandemic.

Learn more about Summaeverythang at and follow along on Instagram.