Nourish LA

Nourish LA
April 29, 2022 Cindy Chikahisa

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Feeding The Communities With Food Drives

Nourish LA’s mission is to assist in the development of a large network of partnerships to ensure that food is not wasted and that no one goes hungry. Excess green waste is collected and diverted to animal husbandry and green spaces (compost).

Over 3 million pounds of food have been prevented from going to waste, 80,000 bags of goods have been distributed, and 30,000 pounds of compost have been diverted to community gardens.

Thousands of organic seedlings are also distributed to the community so that more food can be grown locally. They’ve also started several Good Karma community gardens.

Nourish LA provides surplus food to approximately 2,500 Angelenos in need every weekend at locations in Venice and Culver City. Your support will assist them in carrying out their mission.

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