Voluntary Recall – Raw Farms Cheddar Cheese

Voluntary Recall – Raw Farms Cheddar Cheese
February 16, 2024 Jess Phung

Voluntary Recall – E. Coli 0157:H7 STEC – RAW FARM 2024-2-16


Item Barcode Product Description Package Size (oz) Brand Batch or Older
1075 835204000156 Raw Cheddar Cheese – Pound Block 16 Raw Farm 20231113-1
1050 835204001177 Raw Cheddar Cheese – Pound Block 8 Raw Farm 20231113-1
1080 835204001184 Raw Cheddar Cheese – Half Pound Shred 8 Raw Farm 20240116


This is NOT a recall of any product newer/fresher than 20231113-1 for block or 20240116 shred and only should pertain to cheese produced BEFORE/OLDER THAN November 13, 2023. Products en-route for delivery, being delivered now, and in the future are not affected by this Voluntary Recall. Only products on the retail shelf, which should have a date code of 20231113-1 or older should be recalled. Shredded cheese with the date 20240116 or older should be recalled.

Voluntary recall of this product was initiated because:

  1. RAW FARM was contacted on February 15, 2024 at 5PM by the FDA and CDC regarding the epidemiological possibility that RAW FARM cheddar cheese may have caused illnesses in 4 states regarding STEC(Shiga Toxin-producing E.Coli).
  2. The first onset of illness that was reported was October 18, 2023 and the reported illness was January 31, 2024.
  3. During this period, there were 10 fecal samples collected from patients in 4 states that did not directly match each other but have epidemiological connections in the National Pulsenet Database.
  4. Some of the patients reporting illness did not report consuming RAW FARM brand products, including cheddar cheese. There are no current hospitalizations from consumers who have reported that they have consumed RAW FARM Cheese.
  5. NO RAW FARM products have tested positive for STEC or E. coli 0157:H7 by third-party labs or any government agency. See the attached COA for the current production of raw cheddar cheese. COA for any BATCH available upon request.
  6. In an abundance of caution, and in full cooperation with the FDA and CDC, RAW FARM is voluntarily recalling the cheese listed above.