King Arthur All-Purpose Unbleached Flour

King Arthur All-Purpose Unbleached Flour
October 8, 2019 webadmin

Because of the potential presence of E. coli 026 discovered through sampling, King Arthur is voluntarily recalling their Unbleached All-Purpose Flour (5 lb. & 25lb.) from the Lot Codes and Best Used by Dates listed below.

Co+opportunity urges you to dispose of this product or return it to one of our stores for a refund.

Best Used By / Lot Code
12/04/19 / L18A04A
12/05/19 / L18A05A, L18A05B, L18A05C
12/09/19 / L18A09B
12/10/19 / L18A10A
12/13/19 / L18A13B, L18A13C
12/20/19 / L18A20A, L18A20B, L18A20C
12/21/19 / L18A21A
12/27/19 / L18A27A, L18A27B, L18A27C
12/28/19 / L18A28A
01/02/20 / A19A02B, A19A02C

Best Used By: Lot Code
01/03/20 / A19A03A, A19A03B, A19A03C
01/05/20 / A19A05A, A19A05B
01/07/20 / A19A07B, A19A07C
01/08/20 / A19A08B
01/09/20 / A19A09B
01/10/20 / A19A10B
01/12/20 / A19A12A
01/14/20 / A19A14A, A19A14B, A19A14C
01/15/20 / A19A15A, A19A15B

King Arthur Statement:
“We are taking this voluntary precautionary step because of the potential presence of E. coli 026 which was discovered through sampling. To date, we have not received any confirmed reports of illnesses related to this product, which was produced prior to February 2019.”

Bakers have trusted King Arthur Flour products in their kitchens for over 225 years and because of that trust we have issued this voluntary recall. This flour was milled at an ADM Milling facility in Buffalo, NY, and was distributed through retailers and distributors nationwide, and sold through our website, catalogue, and store in Norwich, VT.”