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Sunfed Ranch

Sunfed Ranch
April 28, 2021 Emma Hankinson

Two ranching families have worked together for over a decade to provide the high quality, sustainably sourced meat products on their ranch in Woodland, CA. Co-owned by Chris and Matt, both owners come from fifth-generation California ranching families, and take pride in the humane treatment of their animals.

Their cattle are 100% grass fed, there are no feedlots, and the cattle given ample grazing and outdoor time. Aside from ample ranch space, Sunfed Ranch focuses on using sustainable practices in everything they do.

They utilize rotational grazing in which they guide cattle to new areas in the ranch avoid overgrazing and allow forage to recover. Deeper forage sequesters more carbon in the soil, reducing overall green grass emissions. Additionally, they do not use any fertilizer, and instead use manure to maintain the land.