C.O.R.E. Benefits

As an owner you not only get the healthiest products and services at a discount, you have a say in the business decisions we make.

You can receive a full reimbursement if you decide to cancel your ownership – although we doubt you will want to!

Core Points

Owner Extras

Owner Juice Program

Community Partners Discounts

Monthly 10% Reward

Voting Rights

As an owner you get to vote for candidates and run for seats on the Board of Directors.

Owner Events

Annual meetings, film screenings, classes, book signings, product launch events etc.

By becoming a owner, you’re directly helping our local community by investing in LA County’s only organic cooperative grocer.

Pay in full at $200 (8 shares) or in 4 yearly payments.


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Owner Updates

  • Patronage Dividends

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    Patronage dividends, or refunds, are the cooperative method of sharing a co-op’s earnings with its members in profitable years. As members of the co-op, you also own the profits, and a patronage dividend system allows us to share and reinvest those profits in a transparent, mutually beneficial way.
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