CORE Points

Co-op owners earn points for every dollar spent!

One Point is earned for every dollar you spend at the Co-op. 500 points = $5 off a future purchase. Owners also get frequent opportunities to earn 2X and 3X points during Owner Appreciation Events.


C.O.R.E. points accrual

C.O.R.E. points have no cash value and cannot be distributed as cash or transferred to another account

C.O.R.E. points are accrued at a 1:1 ratio (1 point per $1.00)

C.O.R.E. points are not awarded for the following: Money loaded onto gift cards, share payments

C.O.R.E points will expire upon 6 months of inactivity on an account, or if an account is delinquent due to missed share payments

Returned merchandise will reduce the total C.O.R.E. points in a shareholders account by the amount accrued upon initial purchase


C.O.R.E. points rewards/redemption

500 points = $5.00 C.O.R.E. points reward usable on the Owners next purchase of $5.00 of more

C.O.R.E. points rewards, once generated, expire after 30 days

C.O.R.E points rewards are non-transferable

C.O.R.E points rewards CAN be used in combination with other discounts (10% Monthly Owner discount, Case Qty. discounts, Owner Extras, Co-op Deals etc.)



C.O.R.E. points benefits, like all Co-opportunity benefits are intended for use by the authorized shareholder, or agents appointed by that account holder. Owners should protect their account information from unauthorized individuals. Do not share your account information with individuals who are not authorized to utilize the benefits. The Co-op assumes no responsibility for verification of any such authorization.