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Board Elections

Board of Directors Elections

Each October, eligible members* are sent an email with instructions on how to vote online in our Board of Directors Election.

Paper ballots with detailed voting instructions are also made available in-store at both locations. Each membership account has one vote.

*Members who joined before September 1st of the voting year, and are fully invested or are up to date with their yearly membership payments are eligible to vote Board Elections.

Board Elections Timeline

Members Declare Candidacy: August

Candidate Interviews: September

Election and Campaigning: October

New Board Members Seated: January 1, 2023


Members are vitally important to our success with member ownership being a key differentiator between us and other types of businesses.

Board of Directors

Board members are members that represent the Co-op’s membership at large.


We are a democratic organization controlled by our members who actively participate in setting our policies. In addition to voting for bylaw changes, we also call on our members to elect new directors to our Board every October.