Donations & Sponsorships

Co-opportunity strives to be actively involved in our community and is committed to supporting nonprofits and organizations that do good work. Organizations requesting financial and in-kind donations should be in alignment with Co-opportunity’s Ends Policies.

How to Apply

Your completed application must be received at least 30 days in advance of when the donation is needed in order to be considered. For event sponsorships, 60 days notice prior to the event date is preferred.

Submission does not guarantee funding. Because of the ever-increasing number of requests we receive, we will only respond by email to the requests we can fulfill.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Organization is located near Co-opportunity and/or in the Los Angeles-area.
  • Organizations must have non-profit exempt status or tax-exempt documentation with this application.
  • Organization cannot advocate, support, or practice unlawful discrimination based on religion, national origin, sex, disability, or sexual orientation.
  • Organization cannot be political or religious.
  • Organization’s mission should align with Co-opportunity’s Ends helping to make our community better and healthier, and can be described by one of the following categories:
    • Environmental/Sustainability
    • Education/ The Arts
    • Peace and Freedom of Expression
    • Economic and Social Justice
    • Civil Rights