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Ujjaini Sahasrabudhe

Ujjaini Sahasrabudhe

Board Member

Ujjaini remains grateful to her former gardening partner at Ocean View Farms Community Garden for introducing her to the Co-opportunity Market over a decade ago. As a West Adams resident she was especially excited when the Culver City location was announced in 2017, becoming an early member investor and  then, a regular shopper at the location since it opened.

Ujjaini spent over a decade in higher education administration before transitioning to a leadership role in educational technology. Her extensive experience with operations and project management makes her especially skilled at managing change and building consensus among stakeholders. An avid gardener, Ujjaini is particularly passionate about food justice and access to healthy food and regularly volunteers with organizations focused on these issues.

Ujjaini is an evangelist for why co-ops serve communities in a more environmentally and socially responsible manner compared to the regular grocery store. As a strong believer in the shared business model,she sees her role as a Co-opportunity Board Member as an opportunity to serve as an effective steward for other members and non-members in her local community.