Czarina Russell

Czarina Russell


I have been a fellow member since 2005 and realized it’s time to do my part by serving on the board.

My interests and work have always been firmly rooted in physical and mental wellness, and I am a great believer in the essence of community. Local, member-owned co-operative supermarkets are surely the best way to keep symbiotic relationships and a healthy, organic business between farmers and consumers. After all- don’t we want to know the origins of what we consume?

I am on a personal mission to help bring back a much-needed sense of community and to help counteract the current ‘loneliness epidemic’. Giving back in this way means a great deal in contributing to the cause. The source of our food is at the heart of community after all- and fresh, local, and organic is the way forward for us and for generations to come.

I will always be happy to listen to your questions and concerns- or indeed research any areas until I find adequate answers. I will take my role seriously in ensuring that the Co-Op adheres to its stringent practices, whilst making sure I bring levity and a smile to each day.

You’re always welcome to contact me via the usual Co-Op channels or say hello if you see me in store. When I am not there you can find me at my wellness studio helping others, my music studio making noise, in the kitchen creating yummy eats, travelling to see family in Europe or on a mission to learn; or simply in the park with my 2 beloved rescue doggos.

Thank you for taking the time to read this- and I hope to have the chance to serve you well.