New Member Application & Disclosure Agreement

New Member Application

I would like to become a Member of Co-opportunity and I agree to the following:

  • I will comply with Co-opportunity’s Administrative Code, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, and all amendments made thereto.
  • I will purchase a total of 8 Class A shares either in full at $200 or at 2 shares of $25 each ($50 total) annually (within 4 years of joining).
  • With this application, I will either purchase all 8 shares upfront at $200 or the first two $25 shares ($50) and will be entitled to all Member benefits immediately.
  • I understand that if I have chosen to purchase shares annually, I must do so in the same month that I am now joining in until I fulfill the membership requirement of $200. This must be done to keep my membership active. I understand that the Board of Directors may change these requirements at any time.
  • If I choose to cancel my membership for a full refund of my shares, I know that I must submit a written request to the Board Secretary or their authorized representative and it may take up to 10 weeks to receive the refund. *Shares will not be refunded if the membership account has been inactive due to non-payment for more than two years. Member equity is subordinate to the claims of creditors.
  • I agree that this membership can be terminated by death, resignation, or expulsion, and for inactivity if I have failed to fulfill my share purchase requirement for more than two years.
  • I agree that only one additional person living in my household may use this membership and I agree to provide their name and proof of residence to Co-opportunity.
  • I agree to receive all communications from Co-opportunity, including election and ballot materials, electronically by e-mail. My email address is provided on this application. If I wish to withdraw my consent to receiving electronic transmissions from Co-opportunity, I will notify the Board Secretary or their representative in writing.
  • I agree to keep my contact information current with Co-opportunity and will notify them of any changes ASAP.
  • As the Primary Member, I will be the only person to make changes or updates to my membership account unless Co-opportunity receives written notification saying otherwise signed by me, the Primary Member.

*The Co-opportunity Board may suspend or limit the redemption of Member equity accounts. The Board meets every other month, at which time requests for redemption are reviewed.


Date: April 19, 2024

Membership Disclosure 

This statement provides information about the Cooperative and the rights and obligations of members with respect to the Cooperative as required under the laws of the State of California.


The Cooperative is a cooperative corporation organized under the Consumer Cooperative Corporation Law of the State of California (which is found in the Corporations Code, Part 2, beginning with section 12200).


An applicant for membership is required to purchase at least two Class A shares at the time of submitting the application. The purchase price of each share is $25. If the application is rejected, the Class A share purchase amount can be refunded.

To maintain membership and be in good standing, members are required to purchase at least two Class A shares in the amount of $50 each year subsequent to year of admission to membership. Such purchase is required to be made by the anniversary date of admission to membership. This obligation continues until the member has purchased eight Class A shares at a total purchase price of $200. No member may purchase more than eight Class A shares.

If a member fails to make the required share purchase, the member can reactivate his or her membership within three years of the failure to make the required share purchase and reacquire good standing by purchasing at least two shares in the amount of $50 for the current year and paying a reactivation fee equal to the amount owed for any shares the member has failed to purchase. Shares previously purchased will be counted towards the fulfillment of the obligation to purchase eight shares.

The share purchase obligation and share purchase price are subject to increase by the Cooperative’s Board of Directors. Except for the reactivation fee described above, no other dues, assessments, or fees are authorized by the bylaws. Members are not required to contribute services to the Cooperative.


Voting rights are strictly equal among members, each member being entitled to vote on a one-person, one-vote basis irrespective of the number of shares owned. But voting rights will be suspended upon a member becoming inactive by failing to meet the share purchase obligation. Voting rights will be reinstated if the member makes sufficient payment to become current in the share purchase obligation within 3 years of having become delinquent.

Proprietary interests of members, including share capital and retained patronage rebates, are, however, unequal among members. Although uniformly assessed, share capital varies widely among members, the accumulated amount being dependent upon how long the person has been a member and to what extent the person has been delinquent in the share purchase obligation. Although allocated on a uniform basis, retained patronage rebates vary widely among members, the accumulated amount being dependent upon the length of time a person has been a member, the amount of purchases as a member, the profitability of the Cooperative in the years of purchases, and the portion of allocations for particular years retained by the Cooperative.


Members may not under any circumstances transfer to another person their membership or their proprietary interests in the Cooperative.


Share capital will be redeemed upon voluntary withdrawal from membership, unless such payment would cause the Cooperative to be unable to meet its liabilities, at the discretion of the board. * Member equity is subordinate to the claims of creditors. Share capital will not be redeemed upon termination of membership for delinquency in payment of the share purchase obligation or upon suspension or expulsion for cause. Share capital is not otherwise redeemable at the option of the member or the Cooperative. Retained patronage rebates are redeemable only as determined by the Cooperative’s Board of Directors. The time of redemption of retained patronage rebates is not accelerated by termination of membership nor in any other way at the option of a member. *The Co-opportunity Board may suspend or limit the redemption of member equity accounts. The Board meets every other month, at which time requests for redemption are reviewed.


Further and more detailed information regarding the above matters may be found in the Bylaws of the Cooperative. A copy of the Cooperative’s articles of incorporation as amended and its current Bylaws will be furnished without charge to a member or prospective member upon written request directed to the Cooperative at Co-opportunity Market Santa Monica, 1525 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90404.


Date: April 19, 2024

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