Read how we're responding to the COVID-19 situation

Covid-19 Updates

To make shopping at the Co-op as safe as possible, we continue to respond quickly to the latest COVID-19 developments.

Our policies far exceed the minimum requirements and protocols and with your help and cooperation, we will get through this together.  

Updated Policies

as of March 1, 2022

Co-opportunity Market Requires Masks
Masks are required for all customers and staff. We do not meet the criteria in the Interim Masking Policy to allow individuals to go without a mask.  Please note when the Health Department guidelines change, we will update our store policy.

March 16, 2021

Sanitizing High Touch Surfaces
We continue to regularly sanitize of high-touch surfaces at regular intervals throughout the day.

Face Coverings
A proper face coverage is required to be inside the Co-op and while waiting outside in line. Masks should cover nose and mouth and should be made with two or more layers of clean, tightly woven, breathable material.

Social Distancing
Measures have been implemented to ensure physical distancing of at least six feet between customers and staff which include Plexiglass partitions at registers as well as floor decals.

Lower Customer Capacity
To ensure customers and staff are able to maintain regular social distancing while in the stores, we are complying with the most updated LA County Department of Health order – allowing for 50% maximum capacity. We often have little to no line to enter the store, especially in the morning and evenings.

Co-op Curbside & Delivery
Our online ordering system serves as a way to keep our stores less crowded, and also as an accommodation for our higher risk customers. We encourage customers who are unable to wear face coverings to use this service.

Daily High Risk Shopping Hour
The 7am – 8am hour is reserved to serve members of our community who are over 65 or are part of our more vulnerable higher risk populations. We request customers not at high risk to wait until after 8am to shop.

Personal Reusable Bags
It’s now okay to bring your reusable shopping bags (no produce bags, please), but we ask that you keep the bags in your cart and bag your own groceries. Please do not use them to shop directly into your bag and do not place them on conveyer belts when checking out.

Personal Containers
We are unable to allow customers to use their own refillable containers for prepared foods, bulk or juice bar purchases. However, we are now offering Co-op reusable glass jars for you to collect your bulk items in. Pay a 50 cent bottle deposit to use one of our glass bottles. Return used Co-op jars and get clean replacements at the registers.

Santa Monica Bulk Department
Co-op Santa Monica’s bulk department is now full service. Please ask a team member to help you stock up on your favorites.

Culver City Bulk Department
Self-service access is available in Culver City. Use of the provided single-use gloves is required.

Bottle Deposits
Glass bottle returns have resumed.

Special Orders
Special orders have resumed.

Member Discount Days
Member Discount Days continue to be held on the third Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of every month. We strongly encourage using your discount online at Co-op Curbside & Delivery during those days.

Outdoor Dining
As of Monday, March 16, the City of Los Angeles is in a red tier zone – allowing for indoor dining at 25% capacity. In addition to the ample outdoor seating available at our Culver City location, indoor dining will resume at 25% per the city guideline. We do not have indoor our outdoor dining options in Santa Monica.

Self-Serve Sampling & Testers
All self-serve sampling has been suspended until further notice. All closed sampling must be consumed outside the store.

Refunds and Exchanges
Our normal refund and exchange policy has returned.

The Latest Covid-19 Updates

  • Stay at Home Order

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    As of today, Southern California is officially in a modified lockdown. This new order, triggered by the state, overrides the existing stay-at-home orders from the city and county, and allows our stores to operate at 20% capacity.

    We continue to monitor our capacity levels, as well as maintaining stringent cleaning and disinfecting protocols in all areas of our stores. Our opening hour from 7am – 8am remains reserved for customers 65 years and over, and individuals who are immunocompromised. In Culver City, both our indoor and outdoor dining areas remain closed until the order has been lifted.

    Both locations are well stocked with essentials and we’re currently not seeing any significant out of stocks at this time. We encourage all customers to take advantage of our Co-op Curbside & Delivery app, where we’re prioritizing adding new items daily.

    We’re grateful for our staff, members, and our community at large for supporting us. Seeing your masked faces just makes our day that much brighter. We value your patronage during this most difficult time.

    Be safe. Stay well. Please let us know if you need anything.

  • Santa Monica Hot Bar

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    Santa Monica’s hot bar is back and open during the weekdays (Mon – Fri) from 11am to 1pm. Come in for lunch and we’ll be happy to serve you our latest chef-prepared, seasonal dishes.

  • Member Discount Days Update

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    It’s finally happening! We’ve stocked up and are ready to resume our Member Appreciation Discount Days starting tomorrow. We hope that by extending this sale out to 5-days, and also offering the discount on online curbside and delivery orders, we’ll be able to keep the stores safe and easy to navigate.
    Your smiling faces mean the world to us, but if shopping in-store, please remember that masks are always required. It’s now okay to bring your reusable shopping bags (no produce bags, please), but we ask that you keep the bags in your cart and bag your own groceries.
  • Member Discount Days Update

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    Because we are still experiencing supply instability and operational challenges related to COVID-19, we are cancelling this weekend’s Big 10 Member Discount Days. We are looking ahead to brighter days and preparing for an extended Big 10 in June. Mark your calendars for June 17 – 21 (5 days) where all Co-Opportunity members will save 10% storewide.

  • Meat Supply Update

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    Unlike other markets in our area, our co-op is not experiencing any shortages in in meat. We know things can change quickly so we’ll continue to keep a close watch on what’s coming in and going out. Please continue to take only what you need.

  • April 17-19 Big 10 Member Discount Weekend Cancelled

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    This decision was based on our goal of maintaining a safe environment for both staff and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. In short, our popular discount weekend just makes it that more challenging for us to keep our store free of crowds, clean, and well-stocked. Thanks again for your patience and understanding as we navigate what is best for all.

  • Facial Coverings Required

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    Effective immediately, we are requiring all staff members and customers to wear facial coverings at all times while inside the co-op. Facial coverings need not be medical-grade masks or N95 respirators, but can be fabric coverings, such as scarves and bandanas.

    Also, Beginning Friday, April 10th, as detailed in Mayor Garcetti’s April 7th Worker Protection Order, customers who are not willing to wear a face covering over their nose and mouths will be asked to leave the store.

    Here’s a brief review of other safety procedures and tips already in place:

    • Do not enter the store if you feel sick.
    • Reusable bags, mugs, or containers of any kind should NOT be brought inside the store.
    • Keep 6 feet of distance between yourself, other shoppers and staff.
    • Only touch items that you intend to buy.
    • Limit your frequency of shopping trips and shop alone if possible.
    • Come prepared with a shopping list and limit your time inside the store.
    • Use credit/debit cards or Apple or Google Pay to reduce the number of times cashiers must touch cash. We understand that it isn’t always possible but we appreciate the effort if you can.
    • Consider ordering groceries for delivery through Instacart.

    All posted policies and practices are subject to change in response to this health crisis. Please check this page for the latest.

    We sincerely appreciate the cooperation that our community has shown as we’ve implemented so many new procedures.

  • Updated Store Hours

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    In consideration of social distancing, and to help out the many essential workers that need to eat too, we’ve decided to close at 9 pm beginning this Saturday, April 4th. Opening hours, including our high risk hour remain unchanged: 7am – 8am. We’re hoping this will be a big help for our community.

  • Update on Reusable Bags and Containers

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    Starting tomorrow, we will not be allowing customers to bring in their own bags, mugs, and bulk containers. This is just another temporary practice we’re putting into place to prevent the spread of the virus.

    Special Orders

    We are unable to take special orders at this time.

  • April Bulk Sale Weekend Cancelled

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    Unfortunately, our monthly 10% off bulk scale is cancelled for this weekend – and going forward until further notice. The love we have for our bulk department runs deep and we look forward to bringing the sale back when we emerge from the this crisis.

  • High Risk Shopping Hour

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    Beginning Thursday, March 19th, we will be opening both stores from 7am – 8am exclusively to serve members of our community who are over 65 or are part of our more vulnerable higher risk populations. We request customers not at high risk to wait until after 8am to shop.

  • A Covid-19 Update from our General Manager

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    Dear Co-opportunity Owners and Customers,

    So much has changed over the weekend and will continue to evolve over the coming days. In consideration of CDC and city guidelines that were recently announced, I want to share an update on the additional actions we took today to help keep our community safe amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

    • Co-op salad bars are closed at both locations until further notice. Look for expanded grab and go selections available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
    • Our hot bar remains open in Culver City with staff available to serve customers. The hot bar in Santa Monica is closed until further notice.
    • In bulk, we removed all scoops and closed access to many of the bins. Several options are still available from the gravity bulk bins and we’re working on packaging options for the rest.
    • To err on the side of caution, bulk herb jars and scoops have been removed. Bulk herbs can be purchased by the 1 lb. bag.
    • Product testers have been removed from the wellness department.

    Beginning tomorrow, March 17th:

    • The in-store dining area in Culver City will be closed.
    • Hot soup bars at both locations will be closed while we work to relocate the wells. A large variety of in-house soups are available in glass jars at both locations.
    • We will no longer offer fresh greens and mushrooms in bulk from our produce department.

    It is our sincere hope that taking these more aggressive measures now will result in the quickest possible return to normalcy. We will keep our community informed of further updates by email and on our website here.

    As always, thank you for your kindness and support. We will all get through this together.

    Stay safe and be well,

    Mike Bowen
    General Manager
    Co-opportunity Market

  • An Important Message from our General Manager

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    Dear Co-Opportunity Owners and Customers,

    At Co-Opportunity Market, the safety and well-being of our owners, customers and staff is our top priority. Each time you shop at the co-op, you place your trust in our standards at every level. To further ensure your confidence in visiting our stores as Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads, we want to communicate what we’re doing to help protect the health of our community.

    What We’re Doing:

    • We continue our rigorous cleaning and disinfecting at high touch areas such as carts, registers, credit card keypads, elevators, bulk bins, kitchens, prep and break rooms.
    • We are reinforcing proper handwashing techniques with staff through multiple channels – reminding them verbally and through additional signage. We will soon be installing hand sanitizing machines in-store as an extra precaution.
    • Staff has been advised to stay home and promptly receive medical treatment if they are feeling ill. Our co-op has a generous paid time off policy and we will work with staff members impacted by COVID-19 on a case-by-case basis.
    • With the increased demand nationwide for sanitizers and sanitized wipes, we have been having difficulty obtaining them for our stores. We are working hard to source these necessities from a wide variety of suppliers.
    • We have built up inventory on cleaning products, hand soaps, water, paper goods (toilet paper and paper towels), pantry staples, immunity builders and wellness items.
    • In Prepared Foods, our food safety standards remain at a high level. All team members have completed food safety training and wear gloves and hats while serving customers.
    • We cancelled all in-store demos, including our wine and beer tastings in Culver City, until further notice.


    What You Can Do:

    • When paying, we encourage you to use Apple Pay or Google Pay for contactless payment – available at all of our registers.
    • We encourage those who are not able to visit us in person to utilize delivery services – Instacart, Postmates, and Grubhub.
    • As our staff works tirelessly around the clock, please remember to show your gratitude through your kindness and patience.

    As you know, the Coronavirus situation in our community is moving rapidly. We are following the developments closely and as we receive new information from public health officials and organizations, we will adjust quickly in order to protect our community. Our thoughts are with everyone around the world who has been impacted by COVID-19.Please take care of yourselves and each other.


    Mike Bowen
    General Manager
    Co-Opportunity Market