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Jens Koepke

Jens Koepke

Board Member

Jens has had food co-ops in his blood since he was a boy. In the mid-70s he helped his older brothers with their member work shifts at the Wheatsfield Co-op in Austin, Texas. When Jens started graduate school in Los Angeles years later, it didn’t take him long to discover Co-opportunity, beginning a 25-year love affair.

In 1994, Jens started as a member volunteer, helping with inventory counts, cheese cutting, and working community event tables. Since becoming a Board member in 1999, he has served in every officer position and headed every major committee. Jens served as Co-opportunity’s representative on the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation Board for many years, as well as attending the annual national conference and being involved with the national food co-op movement.

When not working on behalf of Co-opportunity, Jens practices appellate law and spent 20 years teaching media law at CSUN. He’s an active member of the Topanga community, the proud father of two, and the doting husband of his fabulous wife.

Along the way of his long service to our co-op, Jens has had the pleasure to get to know many Co-opportunity members and fellow Board directors who have enriched his life and brought a smile to his face. It is the vibrancy of that community and the importance of the vision and the model that our co-op represents that keeps him going. After all these years, Jens still believes strongly in Co-opportunity’s mission and wants to nurture its continuing realization.