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Dean Kubani

Dean Kubani

Board Officer

Dean became a Co-opportunity member in the early 1990s, shortly after he and his wife moved to Santa Monica, and Dean was first elected to the Board of Directors in 2001. While on the Board, he’s served as President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

For 25+ years, Dean worked for the City of Santa Monica promoting sustainability in the community. As the City’s Chief Sustainability Officer and Assistant Director of Public Works, Dean worked with city officials, businesses, local organizations and community members on innovative ways to reduce resource use and waste generation, protect public and environmental health, and improve Santa Monica’s economy and quality of life. Dean became a member of Co-opportunity because it demonstrates a commitment to these very same ideals every day in the way it operates.

Dean’s primary goal as a Board member has always been to ensure that Co-opportunity remains a leader in contributing to the sustainability of the community, while remaining financially sound and meeting the needs (and exceeding the expectations) of its member/owners. He has been particularly interested in exploring how Co-opportunity can better support the growth of a more sustainable local food system – one that provides fresh, organic, locally grown foods, creates fulfilling jobs, and reduces our negative impact on the environment.

When he’s not working, Dean enjoys spending time outdoors, usually in the mountains either hiking, rock climbing or mountain biking, or in the ocean surfing or kayaking. Dean still lives in Santa Monica with his wife, Catriona, and has two daughters who are currently away in college learning how to make the world a better place.