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We do our best to bring you an array of informative lectures, tasty treats and other fun stuff throughout the year. 

Fri August 1

Members Save 10% this Month!

Starting on August 1, the month of our 40th Anniversary, everyone will get to pick their own 10% discount day. This will begin a new, quarterly 10% discount day model for members where members can pick their own discount day within a specific month each quarter.

Please note that the discount will be open to either Primary or Secondary members. We ask that you coordinate with whoever else is on the membership to decide who will get the discount. We will also ask for a photo I.D. in order to grant the discount.

Tue August 12

Product Demos

3-6 pm: Royal Sense Rose Water (HABA)

4-7 pm: Feel Good Desserts

Wed August 13

Product Demos

11-2 pm: Cafe Altura Coffee

2-5 pm: Vitality Works Supplements (HABA)

6-9 pm: Acure Skin Care (HABA)

Thu August 14

Product Demos

3-6 pm: Royal Sense Rose Water (HABA)

Fri August 15

Product Demos

3-6 pm: Royal Sense Rose Water (HABA)

3-6 pm: Mascaro Family Foods Tomato Sauce

Sat August 16

Product Demos

10-1 pm: Nature's Plus Supplements (HABA)

1-4 pm: Eclectic Institute (HABA)

Tue August 19

Product Demos

11-2 pm: Raw Bee Panacea (HABA)

Wed August 20

Product Demos

11 - 3 pm: Margeaux and Linda's Vegan Kitchen

8:30 - 3 pm: AnneMarie Borlind Cosmetics (HABA)

Gloria Frankie from AnneMarie Borlind will be in store giving free skin consultations. Save 20% on all Borlind products. Receive a free gift with a purchase of $25 or more!

Members, you can save an additional 10% on all Borlind products (and your entire bill) when you choose today as your Member discount day for August. 

Fri August 22

Celebrate Co-opportunity's 40th Birthday!

We will be serving free birthday cake throughout the day. Plus, you might be the lucky winner of our newly designed Co-op t-shirt, given away randomly at the registers!


Product Demos

11 - 5 pm: Amazing Grass Superfood and Aubrey Organics

3 - 6 pm: Mascaro Family Foods Pasta Sauce

August 2014


Disclaimer: All dates are subject to change.